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An insight to fibromyalgia

Muscle problems! a menace for everyone

An insight to fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is basically a name of an illness that causes chronic pain in muscles and ligaments. This illness is also known by other names such as; fibromyalgia syndrome, fibrositis, fibro myositis and myofibrositis. This illness causes people to counter problems in sleeping and people feel very tired all the time. It usually occurs after thirties and more women are victims of this illness than men.  People suffering from this syndrome complain that they ache all over. They feel that the muscles of their body have been pulled over.  Usually the particular cause of this illness is unknown. The most common causes of fibromyalgia include disturbed patterns of sleep; it can pass from parents to children, bacterial infection, emotional trauma, and insomnia.

These are the symptoms of fibromyalgia muscle pain and fatigue, poor sleeping patterns, dry mouth, frequent urination, migraines, pain in knees, sense of tissues being swollen, and ache all over body. There are number of methods are being used these days to treat fibromyalgia anti-depressants which are called tricyclic are given to patient for the reduction of muscle pain and to increase the sleep.  There are certain kinds of therapies which are helpful in treating fibromyalgia. Intake of vitamins and dietary supplements which are prescribed by doctors can also be helpful. Amino acids, according to the scientists, are most substantial healthy supplement to cure the fibromyalgia. Studies have shown that vitamin D supplements can also give a boost to the health of fibromyalgia patients. 

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