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Friday 28 October 2011, 11:34

Cholesterol! A threat to your heart and soul

Higher cholerterol levels always led to several medical complications

Cholesterol! A threat to your heart and soul

High level of cholesterol considered risky for a human being it can cause stroke and heart attack. If you have found out that your cholesterol level is high than it should be, it is the time to see a doctor and seek for an advice. Of course, doctor will ask you to reduce your cholesterol level to the normal level. The best way of achieving this is to eat healthy food, which contain no saturated fat, do a regular exercise or follow a diet plan to reduce the cholesterol levels. One of the most favored ways of reducing the cholesterol level is to have a balanced diet. Determine your cholesterol level so that you may start your diet.

A cholesterol lowering diet is not hard to do. Try not to take the saturated fats start consuming olive and canola oil these oils can help you to reduce your cholesterol level. Fruits and vegetables are must as they are low in calories and fat, they will not raise your cholesterol level. Try to take orange juice a lot, as it has tendency to reduce the cholesterol level up to 10 percent. When it comes to grains, try to use whole grain as they contain high level of fiber, which is helpful in lowering the cholesterol level. Try to avoid regular or full fat dairy products switch to low fat or skimmed dairy products. When it comes to meats, try to use lean meats such as chicken, turkey or fish as they will not raise the cholesterol level.

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