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Friday 28 October 2011, 09:27

Cholestrol: Balance is essential because excessive is a menace and scarcity is a problem

Few things in the body if exceed can be fatal and cholestrol is one of them

Cholestrol: Balance is essential because excessive is a menace and scarcity is a problem

Cholesterol is waxy fatty substance which is found everywhere in the human body. Human body gets cholesterol form diet and liver process that food into cholesterol which later use by the body. As one must be aware that cholesterol is very essential to life if moderately taken but, if taken in huge quantity it can be fatal because it can decrease the lumen size of circulatory system, which ultimately led to myocardial infarction (Heart Attack). High intake of cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis and high level can cause stroke and heart attack.  If someone has high level of cholesterol, then taking it lightly is a risky thing to do. If you have found out that you have high level of cholesterol, it is the time to go and see a doctor and start doing effort to reduce it. As cholesterol usually increased by too much fat intake; particularly saturated fats; such as butter, eggs, by lack of excessive, excessive weight.

There are number of ways to lower your cholesterol levels to normal. Eating correctly and healthy food can reduce the cholesterol level of the body naturally. Here is the list of food that can help in the lowering body cholesterol levels. Orange juice can help to reduce the cholesterol level up to ten percent, as it is rich in vitamins. Nutrition that is essential in reducing cholesterol level in the body includes olive oil, vegetables and fruits. Omega- 3 fatty acids and fish can also help in reducing the cholesterol.  Yogurt can also reduce cholesterol level by ten percent because of plant sterols. Almonds and walnuts both are excellent anti-cholesterol agents. Not only eating in the right manner can reduce your cholesterol levels to the normal level but regular exercising can also be an aid to it. Try to do regular exercise prescribed by the doctor. Avoid the foods, which contain saturated fats. Eat healthy and live healthy!

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