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eat healthy to lose extra pounds

healthy eating! adopt slowly and see results soon

eat healthy to lose extra pounds

With the widespread awareness everyone, be it male or female, wants to have a perfect figure and health in order to live healthy and fit life. Now day’s beauty is just not enough, with beauty you need to be in perfect shape and size to be tagged as fit and healthy. The problem is that we all are too busy to workout in gym regularly; we can’t leave fatty and junk food. The best way to lose weight is to choose a diet plan and stick to it strictly. Consider the omega diet which offers two diet plans. One is a 1,500 calorie diet that encourages gradual weight loss and 1,200 calorie diets to lose weight fast. Omega diet includes foods such as low calorie and high fiber.

A typical 1,200 per day menu looks like this:


2 cottage cheese pancakes

2 Tsp. maple syrup

½ t. canola butter


Veggie-burger on multi-grain bun with lettuce and tomato.

1 T canola oil mayonnaise

6 oz vegetable juice


3 oz. skin-less roasted, skin-less chicken breast

½ cup cooked couscous

Green salad with 2-tsp. olive oil vinaigrette

This omega 3 diet leaves you with the margin of a snack too.   You can eat the following healthy snack in the omega diet to lose weight. You can go with one medium yummy peach it keeps your little hunger under control. You can also eat one medium nectarine or four walnut halves. You can also eat one-fourth cantaloupe or three-fourth cup of fresh berries or go with just half the ounce of yummy cheese.

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