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Friday 28 October 2011, 15:14

Heart Supplements! Keep your heart smile all the times

Health is directly proportional to healthy heart and healthy mind

Heart Supplements! Keep your heart smile all the times

It is an established fact that heart diseases are becoming the cause of death more than any other disease. It is an illness, present in both male and female but mostly males are the victims of heart disease. Men and women who are above the age of forty may come across this problem. If you get the disease then there is nothing more badly. You need to do regular exercise, take healthy and balanced diet, moreover, you can also gain benefits from the supplements. Not only elderly people are taking advantage from these heart supplements but younger adults are also taking such supplements because, the rise in the heart disease directly affects health. Now days there are many supplements available in the market for heart diseases.

One of the best options is to take the supplement that contain vitamin E, as vitamin E is known by its ability to lower the risk of the heart disease up to forty percent.  With good always, come bad excess consumption of vitamin E can cause diarrhea or bleeding. Another vitamin, which is good for heart health, is vitamin C, which is water-soluble. Human bodies cannot produce vitamin C so its daily intake is essential to keep your heart going smoothly. Sources of vitamin C are oranges, strawberries and other foods. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant and it keeps the blood vessels work properly. Omega 3 fatty acids usually found in fish also give a boost to health. The omega 3 fatty acid too can reduce the heart disease if taken as heart supplement. As it helps immune system to work better, this in turn benefits the cardiovascular system.

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