Mesothelioma cancer: not only symptoms

Mesothelioma cancer: not only symptoms

Mesothelioma cancer: how to detect symptoms Mesothelioma ca take years before to be consider a real disease. How is possible to recognise its symptoms? At the beginning symptoms are not specific,... more »

Mesothelioma cancer: asbestos the invisible enemy

Mesothelioma cancer: asbestos the invisible enemy

The mesothelioma cancer is belonging to the presence of asbestos. Many countries have policies to protect the population and all workers. Who is at risk? Main risk factor of mesothelioma cancer is... more »

Mesothelioma cancer a brief  overview

Mesothelioma cancer a brief overview

Mesothelioma is a malignant cancer, usually lethal, which affects the lining cells of pleura, peritoneum and pericardium. The main risk facto r for developing this cancer is the exposure to... more »

Mesothelioma cancer a short introduction

Friday 11 May 2012, 08:44

Some simple questions can have some simple answers for mesothelioma cancer. What is mesothelioma? The mesothelioma is like a thin film, the inner wall of chests, abdomen and heart. This film or membrane is also present in many internal organs for protecting them, this activity is possible thanks... more »

An insight to breast cancer

Thursday 10 November 2011, 13:52

Now days we hear about breast cancer more often it is increasing with a passage of time. Breast cancer is a cancer that develops in the tissues of the breast. There are two main types of breast cancer Ductal carcinoma and Lobular carcinoma.... more »

insight to lung cancer and its treatment

Thursday 10 November 2011, 13:51

In this particular article you will find a brief about what is lung cancer, what are the causes of lung cancer, Symptoms and signs of lung cancer and treatment of it. The principal function of the lungs is to exchange gases between the air we... more »

an insight to kidney cancer

Saturday 05 November 2011, 10:53

In this particular article you will get a little insight into kidney cancer, what exactly are kidney cancer, how it is caused, symptoms and signs of it and most importantly the cure or treatment of the kidney cancer. The kidneys are a pair of... more »

an insight to asbestos cancer

Saturday 05 November 2011, 10:48

Asbestos cancer or Mesothelioma is the scarcest from of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body's internal organs. Asbestos cancer is usually caused by exposure to asbestos. There are three various kinds of... more »

Pain treatment in cancer patients

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:16

Chronic cancer-related pain is one of the most challenging problems physicians face today. It is not simply a symptom of the cancer process, but it is a disease in itself and has to be treated like one. Not only chronic cancer pain causes obvious... more »

Breast cancer awareness

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:08

Breast cancer affects 8-10% of women in their lifetime. Although most cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women over 40, younger women are occasionally diagnosed with it as well. After lung cancer, breast cancer is the second leading cause of... more »

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