healthy anti-aging supplements

healthy anti-aging supplements

When a woman hit the age of forty she hopes to turn back the time, wish to look younger than the present age is a wish every woman does. With all the pollution and effect of environment on the... more »

lower your cholesterol with healthy foods

lower your cholesterol with healthy foods

As we already know that cholesterol high levels are dangerous for human health. If you have high level of cholesterol than consult the doctor and start doing things to lower it back to the normal... more »

benefits of online health information

benefits of online health information

With the huge advancement in the field information technology, everything is available on the internet from tiniest to hugest information about anything. The best part it is accessible every time,... more »

Overweight: a widespread health problem

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:25

Overweight and obesity are health problems affecting a larger and larger proportion of the worldwide population, both in industrialized and in developing countries. The WHO defines overweight and obesity as " abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health ". In fact it has... more »

Fever: what is it?

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:22

The term "fever" is used to mean an elevation in core body temperature above the accepted normal value of 37 °C, due to the so-called pyrogenic substances and generally associated with infection or other inflammatory processes. In other words,... more »

Stress: what is it and how to cope with it?

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:17

Stress or "fight or flight" response is a normal physiological and psychological reaction to life's demands and challenges. Situations or environments perceived as threatening (also called "stressors"), such as really dangerous situations or... more »

Insomnia: how to get relief from it

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:01

Insomnia is a widespread condition that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. This sleep disorder may range from acute to chronic and from mild to severe. Moreover it may be primary in origin ( primary insomnia ) or, more... more »

Mobile phone use: is there a health risk?

Sunday 13 December 2009, 23:00

The worldwide spread of mobile phone use has raised concerns about potential health hazards. Although most of the studies conducted so far have focused on the risk for the development of brain tumors, recent studies have also addressed the risk... more »

Skin aging: is it inevitable?

Saturday 05 December 2009, 00:28

Is skin aging an inevitable process? Well, the simple answer is yes. Research has shown that there are actually two kinds of skin aging: intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging (or natural aging process) is driven by genetics. It... more »

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